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Canadian Revival Fellowship was born out of the Canadian Revival in the early 1970’s. Through the next forty years God would use this ministry to encourage tens of thousands of believers across Canada. Today we are inspired by the tremendous grace God has given us, and compelled all the more to serve the local church.

In 1966 Pastor Bill McLeod had been faithfully shepherding Ebenezer Baptist Church for four years. Through this time he brought in evangelists, musical quartets, speakers, and more, but saw himself and his church make little spiritual advancement. In desperation, he shut the doors, closed down the events, and brought the church together so they could pray for revival. The Wednesday night prayer meeting slowly grew from a mere 25 to finally 175 (more than the church membership), and for many, many years they persevered in this manner not knowing what marvelous things God had in store. 

Finally, Pastor Bill invited two evangelists, Ralph & Lou Sutera, to speak to his congregation. With much anticipation the first night of the meetings came, but nothing happened. The first night passed, the second, the third, but on the fourth night, October 17, 1971, God in His sovereignty came in revival. Without human means or explanation,  the revival spread from church to church, community to community, city to city, and not long after from province to province.

With the worship of God being refreshed in hundreds of churches, and thousands being transformed with the display of God’s glory, a core group formed to serve pastors and churches while the revival continued. Pastor Bill, the Suteras, Harold Lutzer, and others of this group administrated meetings across the country, supported pastors, and managed financial support. In 1972 this group officially became the Canadian Revival Fellowship.



Four Focuses Our mission is to serve the church. In light of this calling from God we have laid out four primary ways in which we can serve the church, events, website, magazine, and networking. While these don't cover everything we do in a day, these are the areas where we keep our focus our attention, measure progress, amd pursue excellence to ensure that we fulfill our primary purposes. These priorities keep us measurable and accountable to God, ourselves, and you. We know we can only accomplish this by God’s blessing and that we need the Holy Spirit to make our ministry effective and capable of glorifying God. So in light of our history, in light of what we have been given, and in light of what we need, we work daily by God’s Spirit.


Canadian Revival Fellowship Events EVENTS: You pour your life into others. Let us pour some life into you.

PREACHING: God-centered, radically Christ-glorifying, passionate, practical, messages from the Word of God. We provide respected, experienced, and qualified teachers from Canadian Revival Fellowship or from other organizations to insure profitable teaching.

PRAISE: We provide skilled musicians leading in solid, God-centered, theological songs in which all can join, express worship to God, give thanks, and edify each other.

PRAYER: United, group prayer that is filled with edifying thanksgiving, profitable intercession, humbling confession, and worthy praise of God by the Holy Spirit.

FELLOWSHIP: Regenerate believers meeting together for the purpose of seeking the display of God’s glory resulting in fellowship that is sweet, refreshing, instructive, correcting, and uniting for life.

HOSPITALITY: We want to create a welcoming, friendly, and holy environment that encourages and enables connection. Your experience is important to us, and we don’t want anything to deter from it, but rather help you have the best experience possible.

QUALITY: We provide venues, sound, video and other experiential elements which enhance, but do not detract, from the preaching and response to the Word of God.

TRAINING: We want to see you get what you came for. Thats why we motivate and give you clear opportunities to interact with our teachers for personal one-on-one training. Not one of our speakers are off-limits.

DISTRIBUTION: Canadian Revival Fellowship distributes all of our resources online for free download and distribution. We share it as easily as possible to give it to as many people as possible.

Website WEBSITE: What we are sharing with the world every day.

REKINDLE BLOG: Is a blog from our Director of Ministry, Charles Audette. Charles gives his comments and commendations pertaining to the journey of life and love relating to God, the Gospel, and the Holy Spirit as we live out our life in ministry. One of our greatest convictions here at CRF is that when we focus on the glory of God, our passion for Him will be rekindled, thus our love for others will advance, and our struggles with sin will be overcome. 

REFLECT COUNSEL: Daily new articles from respected and qualified teachers writing on important areas of life and church leadership.  Experienced teachers write on spiritual advancement, familial wellness, relational unity, emotional perseverance, physical health, financial stability and so on. The resources offered enable readers, as they take time daily, to reflect biblically and prayerfully on their own state that they may achieve and maintain vitality.

RENEW MEDIA: We freely offer online classic audio and video sermons from CRF’s past forty years of ministry. You can copy, share, duplicate and distribute them to others all at no charge, and we encourage you to do it! Why? Because as we teach, and preach we do it in order that the glory of God will be treasured by pastors of local churches across Canada and beyond. Ministry has its burdens, distractions, consuming programs, and costly material; but with us, we trust you are always encouraged and renewed.

REFRESH MAGAZINE: Much of what shifts across the our table each week is unwanted presentations, flyers, programs, and advertisements. ReFresh magazine focuses on the personal gain and establishment of believers by presenting our best teachings on what matters most to them. Writings are from skilled teachers on the attributes of God, the centrality of the Gospel, living Spirit-filled lives and such like. With every carefully crafted sentence, and with every page we bring something worthwhile and refreshing.

ReFresh Magazine MAGAZINE: Reading that is always refreshing.

PURPOSE: Every time we sit down to make this magazine we do it in such a way as to refresh every reader, every time. Reading is important, what we read will determine our spiritual growth. Books don’t transform us, sentences do. Thats why we purposefully write every sentence and each article to encourage and enable refreshment. We provide our best teachings for the personal gain and spiritual advancement of all readers.

THEOLOGICAL: Its important to be Christians who are able to discuss, apply, and live the doctrinal teaching of the Bible. We don’t attempt to “improve” on the Bible, but we strive to teach ourselves and others what the Scriptures say. Therefore we write on the important truths of the Bible such as God’s attributes, the nature of man, the cross of Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit in us to enlarge our delight in the glories of God revealed in His Word.  

PRACTICAL: Ideas have consequences, and what we believe is the greatest influence of what we do. Application to life is a necessary part of the proper pursuit of understanding what God says to us in His Word. Therefore, we write in such a way that the Christian reading this magazine will find their Christian life not only theologically deeper, but practically refreshed as a result.

TEACHERS: We invite qualified and respected teachers from Canadian Revival Fellowship and other organizations and churches to write for us. Each article is written prayerfully and is to be read in the same manner. The truths written are imparted with humility, engaging the mind and heart of each reader. As we said in the beginning, these truths are given to equip each reader to express their praise and delight in God.

Network NETWORK: What makes us not just any organization.

CONNECTION: We believe it important to identify visitors, provide follow-up, and for those who have expressed interest in Canadian Revival Fellowship, get them connected with us and with others.

EVENTS: We encourage and provide new opportunities for those who attend our events to connect with like passioned people. Conferences, small retreats, workshops, prayer groups, and discussion groups provide a special opportunity not only to meet God themselves, but also to seek Him with others in a significant way.

WEBSITE: With so many people visiting our website it can be a challenge to get them connected to us and with others. So to serve you better we are developing online forums which will allow anyone to participate with a nationwide class of learners.

PASTORS: Pastors have a special place here at Canadian Revival Fellowship. They are God’s men for this time in Church history. Whether its through one of our pastor retreats, our online forum, or a simple phone call we want to connect our teachers with pastors, and connect pastors with pastors.

STUDENTS: We have a whole generation preparing to lead in the Church, students. Thats why we provide students with the opportunities to connect with our speakers and active pastors across Canada to get further head, heart, and hands-on training.


The Suffiecency of Scripture

We believe firmly in the authority, clarity, necessity, and sufficiency of the Word of God. All the words in Scripture are God’s Words. For us to disobey or disbelieve any word of Scripture is to disobey or disbelieve God Himself. We continually remind ourselves that what we have in the Bible is God’s very words, and we cannot attempt to “improve” on them in any way. Rather, we seek to understand, trust, and obey His Word with our whole ministry. Furthermore, we believe that the Bible is written with all things necessary for our salvation and sanctification clearly set out. All who seek God’s help and are willing to obey it are able to understand God’s Word. The problem in not understanding Scripture is not a problem with the Bible, but with ourselves. While Scripture is clear, we often misunderstand it, refuse to submit to it, or acknowledge its authority. Not only is Scripture authoritative and clear, but it is the means necessary for knowing the Gospel, for living the Christian life, and for knowing God’s will in all of life. Although books and lectures are helpful, we cannot understand the Gospel without Scripture. It is absolutely necessary. Finally, Scripture contains all the words which God intended His people to have at each stage of redemptive history, and that it now contains everything we need God to tell us for salvation, for trusting Him perfectly, and obeying Him perfectly. This is a forgotten doctrine. For every area of life, every area of ministry, every area of thought, for literally everything God has revealed His will for it in Scripture. Although sometimes helpful, we need not go to “How-to-books” or motivational conferences in order to know how we are to live our lives. Scripture tells us. 


The Attributes of God

Its encouraging to know that while we can never fully understand an infinite God, yet we can know Him truly. Scripture tells us true things about God, and all that Scripture tells us about God is true. Of all the glorious attributes of God, especially precious to us is His Holiness. Holiness is the preeminent attribute of God and the greatest truth that we can ever learn about Him. Every other divine character of God is simply and expression of His holiness. God’s holiness means that He is separated from sin and devoted to seeking His own honor. Simply, this means that God, as the Creator, is above all His creation and totally distinct from every created being. This distinction is not just quantitative (the same thing but bigger) but moreover qualitative (God is completely different altogether.) Regardless of splendor and majesty, all other beings in heaven and earth are mere creatures of a glorious Creator. God alone is God, separate, transcendent, and unapproachable. The most magnificent angel that stands in the presence of God is no more like God than the smallest worm that crawls on earth. God is incomparable! As we discovered in the Canadian Revival of 1971-72, revival was simply a display of God’s holiness. In the glorious light of His holiness, we became convicted of the abomination of our sin before Him. But, as Believers, knowing in light of our sin He has reconciled us to Himself through the death of His own Son to be a special, called people on the earth we became alive with a passion to give God all the reverence and worship He was worthy of. It was a revival of delighting in God’s glory and holiness. We were not revived because we were holy, but true revival always leads to true holiness.


The Spirit-Filled Life

When we become believers we are regenerated by the Person of the Holy Spirit, we receiving new spiritual life. It is impossible to be a born again believer and not have the Holy Spirit in you. Each and every person who has been truly saved by Christ has been given the Holy Spirit.  This means that among Christians there are no separate categories of “ordinary” and “Spirit-filled” believers. Rather, there are Spirit-filled Christians at all points along the scale of maturity, closeness with God, and greater experiences of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives and ministries. We know the Christian life should be one of growth in all of these areas as we progress throughout life, and this is only possible by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables us to embrace Christ freely offered in the Gospel, know God, have conviction over sin, worship, give thanks, be reconciled with those around us, advance in sanctification, serve others, and be more and more effective to the glory of God. This is not a one time experience, but should be a constant reality in a Christian’s life. Sadly, it is the sin and rebellion in our lives which grieves and quenches the Holy Spirit’s work in us. This is why continual confession, repentance, and a renewed committed in Gospel is so important in our lives. We can only be filled with God’s Spirit to the measure of our own emptiness and God given abilities. One point should be clarified due to the sad state of what some call the “church” today. Being filled with the Holy Spirit does not necessitate or always result in speaking in tongues or any other miraculous event. Speaking in tongues is the smallest gift of the Holy Spirit and should not be over-emphasized, sought after, or expected. 


Gospel-Centered Theology

In the beginning God permitted man in his own willing act to disobey God’s law. And so man lost total communion with God, became slaves to sin, and defiled all his soul and body. Whereby, being our first parents, the guilt, death, and corrupt nature was imputed to all preceding generations. Whereby all mankind is under the wrath of God, curse of the law, and made subject to death, with all spiritual, physical, and eternal miseries. Therewith in obedience to the Father’s will, the Son, who was with fullness of time left the glories of heaven and came to earth in human flesh, fully God and fully man, and was born by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin and dwelt among our doomed race living a perfect, sinless life, thereby meeting God’s perfect requirements to be our Savior. And was led to the cross as a lamb to the slaughter into the hands of men and crucified. There He took upon His sinless self the sins of those given Him past, present, and future, and it pleased the Father to crush His only Son in His judgment for our transgressions. The Father accepted His sacrificial death and Christ, on the third day, rose form the dead conquering sin and death, saving us from God’s wrath, and from slavery to sin and changed our sinful nature to a holy one. Thus, forgiving us from all our sins against God, making us legally right before God, and now we have peace with God. Forty days later He visibly ascended into heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father in all glory, dominion, and honor. He is the representative for His people and makes requests to God on their behalf. All those who acknowledge their evil state and throw themselves at the feed of Jesus will be fully justified, forgiven, reconciled, redeemed, and adopted to God. 



The Church is the community of all true believers for all time. It is the place where the whole Word of God is preached and where the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are rightly administered. Its purpose is to worship God, nurture believers, and accomplish the ministries of evangelism and mercy. All three of these purposes make a strong Church and therefore each one is important and none can be neglected. We not only pray and work to see true and strong Churches, but pure ones also. The purity of the church is its degree of freedom from wrong doctrine and conduct, and its degree of conformity to God’s revealed will for the Church. This is a Church which along with Biblical doctrine and the sacraments includes Church discipline, worship, effective prayer, witnessing, fellowship, Biblical structure, spiritual power, holiness, care for the widow’s and orphans, and a Christ-centered love. We strive to serve leaders across Canada in each of these crucial areas. With the recent movement that focusing primarily on man-centered approaches in the Church, we affirm and work to see the Church embrace a God-centered vision. Proclaiming the Scriptures, God’s glory, the Spirit-Filled life, and the Gospel at all costs we do furthermore strive to see a freedom from divisions among true Christians. It is a sad thing to see divisions due to personal ambition, pride, or differences on doctrinal or behavioral patterns that really do not have any significant affect on the Christian life. But what a wonderful thing it is to see local churches voluntarily ministering with effective cooperation and affiliation in their communities for the glory of God and without compromising the Word of God. The Church is Christ’s bride, she is beautiful and glorious, and for this we praise God